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If it was me, I’d make your heart warm once more

With eternal tenderness.

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a little about me
I'm Kristel, a 17 year old girl from the Netherlands. I'm a DIE-HARD TVXQ! fangirl and YooSu is my OTP for ever! This is a friend's only journal, so if you want me to add you leave a comment on the first post and tell me something about you, don't be shy :)!Ame furu toki ni wa kimi no kasani narou
Kaze fuku toki ni wa kimi no kabeni narou
Donna ni yami no fukai yoru demo kanarazu asu wa kuru kara
Kimi dake ni tsutaetai yo kanarazu asu wa kuru kara

Asu wa kuru kara - DBSK.

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